We specialise in consulting services to small, medium and large enterprises, and we guide them through the entire journey of achieving their business goals.

Our services:

✓ Project development for applications to national and EU funding
✓ Selection of relevant tenders for the application for grants from national an EU funds
✓ Management of projects financed from national and EU funds
✓ Development and management of public procurement procedures and/or procurement for entities that are not subject to the Public Procurement Act
✓ Drafting of documents and requests for obtaining financing from HBOR and commercial banks
✓ Drafting of documents and requests to obtain tax incentives and subsidies (Investments Promotion Act)
✓ Business analysis, and discovery of development possibilities for your business
✓ Market research and operating sector research
✓ Development of business plans and feasibility studies, CB analysis and marketing strategies

All around consulting support to foreign investors who wish to enter the Croatian market
✓ Other consulting services

In cooperation with our partners and co-workers we constitute an interdisciplinary team, which enables us to offer complete solutions based on diverse expertise. Together, we offer you additional services like company valuation, tax and financial due diligence, consulting regarding controlling and mergers and acquisitions.

By closely collaborating with your team, we offer a high-quality service requiring minimal effort from your side. Our service is delivered on time, and within a planned time frame, according to the following general phases:

    ✓ Data collection
    ✓ Data analysis 

    ✓ Document drafting
    ✓ Project management