About us

Our main activity consists of business management and financial consulting, primarily concentrated around obtaining national and EU grants for our clients. We specialise in consulting services for small, medium and large enterprises, and we guide them through the process of achieving their business goals.



To be a reliable business consultant for your
intelligent future, and to become a recognisable
consulting firm in this part of Europe.




We help our clients achieve their business goals
through high quality consulting and the creation
of added value in order for them to achieve
a competitive advantage.


✓ We believe in transparent, open and sincere communication, and we respect confidential information.

✓ We value differences in opinions and we always strive to find several solutions to the same problem.

✓ We are always available for you, especially when you really need it.

✓ We look at our business as a marathon, and we want to be your long term partner.

✓ Our team members, who posses diverse skills and experiences, are our greatest asset. Therefore, we continuously invest in our professional education in order to increase our “know-how” and to be able to give you an even better service.

✓ We contribute to socially responsible business by offering pro bono services to those who really need it.

Together we analyse the development potential of your company and we build your intelligent future.

Contact us and we will certainly justify the trust you shown us.


Our strength lies within our interdisciplinary team who can offer you a complete solution based upon their diverse expertise.
We possess long-term experience in management and consulting, and as a result of our work, we have completed several successful projects in different sectors.



Join us!
If you are ambitious, professional and motivated for a new job and new challenges, and reaching real results is your primary goal, send us your resume (CV) and a cover letter at:


We believe the basis of successful business is the best possible selection of employees and their systematic professional development. This allows us to offer professional affirmation to our employees, offering a better quality services to our clients.